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Aerial Infrared

aerial infrared

Are you looking to conduct a building condition or commissioning assessment on high rise buildings? You need Aerial Infrared.

Many high-rise condominium and office buildings simply can’t be inspected from the ground. We operate custom built drone specifically designed for high altitudes reaching to upwards of 350’, at night.

Much more economical than any crane rental and much safer than inspection/imaging attempted by swing stages, suspended platforms, work cages or bosun chairs. We don’t even require building access! Our custom drone combined with its LED lighting system makes both day and night flights much more stable and visible.


aerial infraredAre you looking for air exfiltration issues? Are you looking for thermal bridging issues? How about glass or curtain wall issues?

You need aerial infrared imaging. Our pilot is also a Level III Thermographer with many years’ experience providing detailed infrared thermographic analysis. We use state of the art high resolution FLIR Infrared Cameras in combination with a highly customized multi-rotor drone for all aerial imaging. A 3-axis camera gimbal, mounted underneath, provides total control over the camera payload. We operate with both an infrared and HD digital camera mounted side by side. This gimbal is operated by a single person while the UAV itself is operated by the pilot.


aerial infraredDo you require an aerial inspection of multi-level roofs to locate roofing issues?

Multi-level, complex roofing systems are time consuming and can be un-safe to image by foot. Our turn-key service is an economical and efficient solution for these types of systems. Large roofs can be completed in just one evening and without any building access requirements. To optimize the availability of existing thermal signatures infrared scans must be completed within a limited timeframe. Our aerial infrared platform can easily achieve this goal.

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