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Are you conducting a building condition assessment on high rise buildings/condos?

Many high-rise condominium and office buildings simply can’t be inspected from the ground. We operate custom built drone specifically designed for high altitudes reaching to upwards of 350’, at night.

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Are you looking for air exfiltration issues? Are you looking for thermal bridging issues?

You need aerial infrared imaging. Our pilot is also a Level III Thermographer with many years’ experience providing detailed infrared thermographic analysis.We use state of the art high resolution FLIR Infrared.

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Are you tasked with the inspection of large, multi level high rise buildings/condos?

Our drone allows for the inspection of almost any size, shape and height (some restrictions apply). Our team includes a fully certified UAV/drone pilot and professional photographer. No more swing stages or scissor lifts.

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Do you require a full electrical distribution inspection on commercial panels?

Increased heat of any piece of electrical equipment is often caused by increased resistance, a sure sign of pending failure. Failure almost always leads to a decreased in productivity and a less safe environment.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The problem we were facing was to find a better way of understand the roofing condition of our client’s large multi-level, multi-unit condo project.

When approached us with their aerial HD imaging service and explained how they could save us time and effort, we jumped at the opportunity.

They launched their drone technology and acquired dozens of high resolution images in just minutes. These high resolution images allowed us to perform the necessary analysis without leaving our offices.

This unique turn-key imaging service was a great choice and proved to be very cost affective and very efficient technology saving me both time and money.

What I liked is that we no longer need to arrange for costly cranes, scissor lifts or even climbing equipment.

“From a “Life Safety” standpoint it mitigated the risk of falls all together”

They were timely in execution and delivery of the desire images.

I very much recommend their aerial HD imaging service. These guys have truly embraced this state of the art drone technology to provide a great solution for capturing images almost anywhere and any height.

Ernie Cecchetto, President, Roof Maintenance Solutions
As the manager in charge of our Ottawa high tech campus I was always concerned with some aspects of our building’s performance and as such decided to have perform an initial building envelope infrared scan.

When I heard that did both ground based and aerial infrared I decided to try them out.
Not disappointed at all!

It seems that they tackled this campus from all directions and altitudes. Their drone covered the upper reached while the ground crew covered the lower levels. All aerial infrared was done during both a positive and negative pressure conditions.

Their unique combination of HD digital, ground based infrared and drone based infrared proved to be an excellent and complete range of technology.

Detailed, color reports clearly outlined observations found.

Very efficient and economical experience and look forward to re-using them in the near future.
I have forwarded their information to my fellow colleges.

Ron P., Manager, FM Engineering Ops CBRE

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