Call Us: (613) 795-8758 | Email Us: Inc. is an Ottawa based aerial infrared imaging service provider operating in both Ontario and Quebec.

Centrally located to cover Quebec and Ontario we specializes in capturing both ground AND aerial infrared imaging.

We take things a step further…we meet with the client to review all infrared and HD images taken to make sure nothing was missed. This ensures the client gets the complete picture.

We take things another step further…we take the final set of selected images and prepare the initial draft of the report, using your Word Template. Once all the images are added the report is finished off by your knowledge experts for presentation to your client, the building owner.

“The final product is presented on your letterhead!”

How we do it…we build and fly our own custom built drones specifically designed to be extremely visible and stable at our home 300’ up, at night!

Capturing building envelopes at great heights has been one of our main focuses as this capability now provides you with a much more economical and efficient means of attaining a proper assessment of a high-rise, or large multi-level, building.

Together with our 3-axis camera gimbal, mounted underneath, we can control the entire imaging process together with a real-time ground feed. We operate with both an infrared and HD digital camera mounted side by side. This gimbal is operated by a single person while the UAV itself is operated by the pilot.

We are Transport Canada approved for UAV flight within both Ontario and Quebec, day or night, and have $4,000,000 of general liability insurance coverage.

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